Welcome to Catalan Language Lessons

Do you want to learn Catalan?  We are a language school that offers Catalan language lessons taught by native Catalan teachers. You can either come to the school and have one to one lessons, group lessons, online lessons or a combination of all these.

Do you want to learn Catalan and be able to speak Catalan fluently? (Beginner, Basic and Elementary) do you want to be able to write in Catalan correctly? (Intermediate). We also offer advanced Catalan lessons (Advanced) for people who need to speak the language proficiently. We also offer specific courses in Catalan (specialized).

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The courses follow the syllabus of the Catalan language programs for adult education of the Directorate General for Language Policy (DGPL). The programs are structured from the levels established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (MECR).

The methodology and approach of the courses is communicative for tasks, that is, students learn in and out of the classroom from real communicative situations in which the language is essential for communicating. This means that the language you learn is the one that is needed in every situation of life and you learn correctly, in order to feel the group as much as possible. Some activities have to be resolved individually, but there are also those that have to be resolved in pairs or collaboratively.

Student can enroll in a course by doing the free level test or presenting a certificate of a lower level. The fact of finishing a level and passing the test allows the obtaining of a certificate of knowledge in Catalan.